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Get to know LaTrina

     LaTrina Leary was born and raised in Peoria, IL.  She lived on the south end of town, in the Harrison Homes with her mother and ten siblings.  LaTrina attended Peoria Public Schools.  She graduated from Manual High School, where she was very active in multiple sports, extracurricular activities, and organizations, in 2003.   Although making the best of what they had, her family encountered challenges along the way.  LaTrina is no stranger to understanding what it is like to experience hardships and the struggles of trying to make ends meet because she has lived them. But even through those challenges, she decided to take those experiences and change her outlook on life.

     Today, LaTrina is married to her husband, Matthew of 13 years. They are parents to two amazing children, Kaylen and Trey.  In addition to being a hard worker, in her free time, LaTrina enjoys taking helping others. She is active in supporting her children in sports and extracurricular activities. She also finds time to volunteer as a classroom parent whenever she can.  LaTrina volunteers at multiple local charitable nonprofit organizations.   She is dedicated to assisting those in need.  

     LaTrina has devoted most of her life to faceless community services but wanted to do more.  After listening to residents throughout the community about some of their thoughts and concerns, she decided to make the decision to switch gears and be a voice for those who simply need a helping hand or assistance.  The humble beginnings that LaTrina experienced growing up, in a household with eleven children, taught her to care for others without judgement. The hardships, she has experienced growing up, encouraged her get involved in finding ways to help others. Basic survival needs within our communities motivated her want to do more in the community.  The struggles LaTrina experienced throughout her life shaped her into the strong and committed community leader she is today. Her commitment to her community is the catalyst behind her candidacy for Peoria Township Supervisor.  Her motivation to strive for better encouraged her vision to give back to others whom shares similar experiences.  LaTrina has over 16 years of customer experience management, bookkeeping, sales, and training.  She also has experience in business, hospitality, and retail.   LaTrina Leary has the compassion and the understanding of the needs of those experiencing hardship. She has the experience you can trust. She has the compassion you can count on. True compassion for others inspired her to run for Peoria Township Supervisor.  

"Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up."
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